Story: A Reason Why!

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Crafts, fashion and to explore the diversity in new cultures are my passion.  Every time I go to a small community, I learn something new and valuable.
Long time ago, I tried to start a project with a small community in Ecuador but life had other plans for me.  I moved around with my husband, then my 4 beautiful children came and I continued with different ventures, always with an eye on what I like.
A little time ago, I decided to follow my passion. I started this venture called Taarach, where I not only want to make fashion, but also want to have a positive impact on people around, especially children.
All my creations are inspired on crafts. I want to share and spread crafts’ richness with others around the world. Also I want to do something to prevent valuable traditions to disappear.
I seek to help children in need.  Children deserve to have better opportunities and education.   Maybe I will not solve the problem, but at least I will contribute in a small way to make a change.
Taarach is a combination of all this thoughts.  It is something different that matters. This venture is a Win–Win activity. Preserves crafts and traditions, helps people around de chain and impacts children in need from the community.

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