TAARACH® named one of the finalist of 2020 Design Excellence Award on Social Impact!

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The Design Excellence Award of the New York based Accessories Council celebrate outstanding new and innovative products from brands of all sizes and styles from around the world.

The Design Excellence Awards category of Social Impact, is one of great importance.

It is a combination of excellent design and sustainable production.  There was a lot of competition in this category and for my product to make it to the finalist level means it is already a winner!

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Been nominated one of the finalists is something that not only makes me honored, proud, and of course, extremely happy. It shows me that there are always hope and opportunities if we keep looking and persevere.

I have always thought that persistence overcomes any obstacle and that hope must never be lost.

I absolutely believe on my products, my purpose and the reason to be on fashion.

Remember that TAARACH® ethnic soul gives you a story to tell through your everyday outfit.

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