"Let the pieces come together and shine."

The reconstruction and rebirth of society inspire the 2022 collection. A society that is being reborn strengthened in its values ​​and with great hope. We have a fragmented society coming together again that will be revamped and will shine differently.

This idea of ​​putting together fragments combined with our values ​​of conservation of the artisan legacy, zero waste, recycling, upcycling, and love for nature led us to create these unique belts using leftovers and scraps, reinventing a new harmonic form by itself. In the same way, the new society will reach harmony after being left in pieces and hit.

Belts for remarkable women who want to shine and show their individuality and originality with style.

 It's a versatile collection that lets each one's imagination decide how to wear the belt depending on how bold they want to be.

Belts are created with re-knotted bands and fragments and complemented with natural stones, crystals, taguas, or coconut beads.