In our Intertwined Universes collection, each garment is a fusion of art, traditions, and culture that provides a sophisticated craftsmanship aesthetic.  It elevates traditional crafts by turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces of art that can be used.

Everything Everywhere All at Once – a film that illustrates the confusion and experiences of parallel multiverses, each with its own independent physical laws and properties.

Taarach transforms his inspiration into thick belts full of colors, cheerful, denoting optimism and happiness.  Belts that provide a positive feeling.

 Akanketai belt


Akanketai unique belt

Belt and top aka

Versatile belts


Versatile accessories


 Bubbles of multiple universes, which exist in themselves independently, also mosaics of different universes that co-exist at the same time. Strings and braids propose the existence of extra dimensions that could be coiled or compacted and that suggest the existence of an infinite number of parallel universes. Accessories with branches or interlaces that create diverse structures.

Pieces that can be used now, later, and forever.  Versatile, multi-purpose accessories that transform into belts, necklaces, collars, wallets, and whatever your imagination allows.