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Taarach´s Ecuador collection supports a program that looks forward to give opportunities through education of children in need.   This project is a day care for children from peddlers that spend most of the day in the streets.  It is run by priest Juan Bottasso, who started the project in 2002 with the objective to keep kids off the streets.

Currently, he runs 3 daycare facilities around the City of Quito that take care of 150 children.  One is located in the Cumbaya neighborhood called Mundo Feliz, another in Chillogallo called Don Bosco and the last one in La Tola called La Tola. Migration from rural areas to cities brings poverty and sometimes children become beggars looking for better chances in life.

Taarach called this project One 1 One, since its donation gives one lunch to one child during one month.:  One child, One lunch, Onemonth.   

I selected to support this project for two reasons:  

  • The first and most important one is that I have known priest Juan Bottasso for a long time and can guarantee to my clients that their donations will be well managed and bring happiness and well-being to children.
  • The second one is because of the close relationship between the disappearance of crafts and traditions from small communities and their need for migration.    

Taarach wants to rescue crafts and increase their production.  Taarach wants to have a positive impact on small communities so people won’t need to migrate and those children will not have to endure the problems they face in the big cities.

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