Proud To Be A Remake-Approved Sustainable Brand!

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TAARACH® has earned Remake’s seal of approval, joining a small group of 100 ethical and sustainable fashion brands. The San Francisco Bay Area non-profit organization seeks to bring transparency to the world of fashion.

TAARACH® stands for transparency, ethics and the wellbeing of people above anything else. We generate a positive impact in our artisan’s community. We believe that each product that becomes part of our lives brings more than a look. It reveals who we are, makes us unique, comes with a history, an energy and generates impact.

We develop all our pieces with respect, love and ethics. We wear our values with pride. Remake uses a rigorous test that looks across key areas of impact like human rights, climate, water, waste, traceability, and transparency to help consumers find products they can feel better about. It´s a well-developed, thoughtful and transparent criteria that sets a high standard for companies who achieve their approval.

We are happy to report that TAARACH has received the Seal of Approval with a score of 67/100 because of our commitment to people and the planet. Brands who are evaluated through Remake´s criteria are given a score between 1 and 100 (a perfect score). A minimum score of 50/100 is needed to pass, and the average score is 43.

We are excited to be part of @remakeourworld community and give our customers another reason to feel comfortable buying and wearing our belts.

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