Fashion with Ethnic Soul


designer belt

Handcrafted pieces are full of cultural richness and an ethnic soul! Behind each

piece there is a timeless technique, a story passed down for generations, its full of symbolism, and worthy of respect and admiration by the many hours of work and human effort put into each piece.

This movement seeks for more human connection in fashion through pieces made with ancestral and sustainable techniques that serve as channels of cultural expression. This has become the concept of the 'new luxury';

Taarach creates contemporary pieces from the hands of an artisan, seeking that the essence of the craft´s techniques are used accordingly with its original purpose and not only adapting it. The whole project looks to safeguard the identity of cultures while meeting the fashion needs of new consumers. This is how they achieve timeless pieces, with an emotional impact.

TAARACH®️ rescues and spreads textile traditions and handmade techniques through the design and manufacture of unique modern belts. The founder and creative director of the brand, Mireya Gómez de la Torre, seeks to generate a positive impact in small communities of artisans through her 1 ONE 1 program, which donate 1 lunch for 1 child in need for 1 month for each belt Taarach sells.

The brand´s believes could be synthesized in the following words: “We believe that each product that becomes part of our lives brings more than just a look. It reveals who we are, makes us unique, comes with a history, and energy, and generates impact. We develop all our pieces with respect, love and ethics.”


Source: Issuu, March 2020. Quito - Ecuador. 

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