Fascinating facts about indigenous fajas.

The "faja" bands are elements of maximum quality and durability. They are full of symbolism and are part of the history of the Andean peoples; represented through their colors, figures of flora or fauna, geometric shapes, lines, astrology, drawings of stories, fabrics, and of course, the use of them.

Its main use is to belt or wrap.

  • It wraps around the waist and hugs the body at its center, providing balance and natural defense. It is a protective element against evil spirits. It accompanies the healing of diseases and represents an energy bandage.
  • Newborns are wrapped to grow strong and protected.
  • Women wear them on the waist to recover after delivery and prevent complications. Protects, strengthens, and safeguards the womb, the most precious element of life and female fertility.
  • ** Men use it to maintain, correct, or straighten their posture and thus complement the physical resistance necessary for work in the field. In addition, it is a way of internal protection from possible evils.
  • ** Or simply used to hold the skirt.

Its inscriptions, figures, colors, and shapes have different meanings. They tell stories and traditions or show things about those who wear them, for example, if the person is single, married, widowed, social position, or hierarchy.

The "fajas" have so much to say for themselves that they are an ideal element to complement and enrich our daily outfits and strengthen our unique identity.

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