✨ Taarach rescues and spreads ancestral textile traditions thought contemporary belts.

 TAARACH® was created with the mission of rescuing and spreading ancestral textile traditions. However, the best way to do it is by incorporating crafts into our daily lives.

Taarach started with belts because its creative director's first inspiration is in the traditional indigenous band, and the brand wants to honor the original use of the craft. Part of TAARACH® essence is the passion that Mireya, its owner, has for the idea of ​​working with small communities and ancestral techniques.

Taarach means Woman's Attire in the Shuar language. Another Ecuadorian community that I greatly admire for its beliefs and deep-rooted mythology.

A belt can turn a look into casual, bohemian, informal, or elegant attire. Mireya believes that belts are jewels that wrap around the waist. They complement any look, accentuate the waist, and enhance the outfit.  They give a unique and exclusive finish. In addition, a belt creates a remarkable balance between the upper and lower body.

At TAARACH®, we believe that fashion can change for good and will continuously support and fight for that change..

"Clothing and textiles are a way to get people to understand a culture, a community, even a country."

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