AUNO Panamá feature Taarach after Panamá Fashion Week

 TAARACH inspired in Panama Fashion Week with a different proposal created from leftovers!


The Latin American brand Taarach conquered the audience of Panama Fashion Week 2022 with its new REVAMP collection. A minimalist collection full of color and traditions captivated influential national and international personalities from the fashion industry.

The designer and creative director, Mireya Gómez de la Torre, made the audience fall in love with a versatile collection of timeless accessories. Belts worked from waste, scraps, and leftovers from past collection that become bags, tops, and necklaces at the same time, reinventing in each piece a new harmonic form.


Her inspiration came from the rebirth of the new world.  Societies now shine differently and are strengthened in their values ​​and hope after being fragmented. The current circumstances, combined with her beliefs in zero-waste, recycling, and conservation of the artisan legacy, inspired the designer to launch REVAMP.

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