Taarach's Ecuadorian Belt-Making Skills Are Driving Transparent Sustainability

Taarach is a brand full of meaning and symbolism, for example Taarach means women attire in Shuar language, which is a community of deep believes. The owner, Mireya Gómez de la Torre, starts workings with indigenous fajas from Otavalo community in Ecuador, because the brand´s mission is to preserve and spread ancestral textile traditions.

The indigenous fajas are rich ancestral textiles that have lots of symbolism besides hold the skirt; for example indigenous wear them as protection from “the evil eye”, bad intentions;  to preserve energy, to protect the core.  Also each belt has different prints and images which embrace meanings and the story of the people who wears them.

The brand has earned a seal by Remake, which is a nonprofit organization that looks for transparency in the fashion world. Taarach also won the Design Excellence Award on Social Impact of Accessories Council.


On the other hand, Taarach has the One 1 One program that for each belt sold the brand gives one snack to one kid for 1 month.


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