Are you fear of using too much color?

What prevents us from dressing in a certain way or experimenting with new clothes, colors, and styles? Is it FEAR?

The fear of being seen or what people will think of us. What others think or say continues to condition us when it comes to dressing.

We do not experiment for fear that we will show a different image than usual, that we will be pigeonholed into a particular category, or simply because we do not know where to start.

Here I leave you a few reasons to lose the fear of color.

  1. Through our clothes, we build our personality. So dare to have a more bolding and bright side of the wardrobe.
  2. New trends allow us to break most style rules. Let's show off our personality and individuality.
  3. The idea is always to give a personal touch to our way of dressing. Make a difference and be unique. We don't want to be dressed the same as the others.
  4. Break the monotony. The color lets us play and have fun putting together our look.

When we think about why we don't use more colors, we might ask ourselves if any of these reasons are affecting us:

  • Why am I afraid of being looked at?
  • Does the fact that they look at me always carry a negative evaluation, or can it also be positive?
  • What scares me?
  • What is the worst that can happen?
  • Is it that important what they think about me?
  • What they think about me makes me a worse person?

When we reflect on this, we realize that this fear does not make sense and that we can leave it.


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