A belt is like a piece of jewelry that wraps your core instead of your neck.

Certainly, belts are like jewelry, are accessories that wrap your core, enhance your outfit and embellish any look.  They are the perfect complement to any wardrobe. They are meant to accentuate the waist and embolden your outfit.


Belts will give your look a unique and exclusive finish balancing your top and bottom.

 Belts are versatile and made for everyone. If wearing a big and fancy belt feels bold, you can always go for a minimalist look with a smaller one just holding your pants or skirt.  Either of the styles that you prefer will enhance your outfit and give your look a unique and exclusive finish balancing your top and bottom.

A belt is an accessory that you can pair with trousers for a business casual look, elevate your shorts or jeans for everyday moments or wear it with a dress for those special occasions that we all love and hope to have. 

Imagine your whites or neutral enhanced with a colorful handmade woman belt.  Taarach colorful belts are full of eye-catching patterns and designs that will splash your wardrobe with lots of optimism, joy, and good energy. They are the perfect accessory to give you an excuse to step outside and feel great. So enjoy every moment and relive your generosity with Taarach´s One1One program, which donates 1snack for one kid for one month.

Taarach belt bright up your wardrobe and bring color into your life.

A belt adds an amazing finishing to your look. Make sure your closet has at least one timeless option in it.

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